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Why Do You Need A Bankruptcy Attorney?

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Filing for bankruptcy involves several precise steps that must comply with federal rules and regulations. If you are wondering, “Why do you need a bankruptcy attorney?” it’s because people who file on their own are more likely to make costly errors, and it is vital to get your financial data correct.

A bankruptcy attorney from JPP Law can help you figure out if filing is right for you. Let’s learn more about this together.


What Does A Bankruptcy Lawyer Do?

Bankruptcy attorneys take care of several issues. Primarily, they protect your assets and help you find relief from overwhelming financial stress. Bankruptcy lawyers also help you understand the differences between personal bankruptcy options like Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. 


What Can Clients Expect From Bankruptcy Attorneys?

A reasonable bankruptcy attorney will help their clients find relief from the stress of unmanageable debt. Usually, bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations to talk about the case and what they can do to help you. 

After you’ve hired a bankruptcy attorney, they will help you decide which chapter to file. They will complete bankruptcy paperwork and represent you in court. You can help the process by bringing all your financial papers so that your attorney knows how to help you recover. 

Sometimes, bankruptcy attorneys will not advise filing for bankruptcy. You might be able to use a different program, like debt resettlement. In the end, the choice to file or not is yours. 


When You Know You Need A Bankruptcy Attorney

Knowing that you need a bankruptcy attorney depends on the way you earn and spend your money. Falling into financial distress tends to occur gradually, and you might miss the early signs. 

It might be time to talk to a bankruptcy attorney if you have financial challenges. For example:

  • You’ve maxed out your credit cards
  • You make late payments, and fees are creating more problems
  • Collection agencies regularly call you
  • You’ve had a medical issue that has increased your debt
  • You pay for groceries and gas with your credit cards
  • You constantly overdraw your bank account 

Remember, if you decide to file for bankruptcy, you will get relief from the unwanted phone calls and the financial distress. The problem with bankruptcy is that it remains on your credit report for seven to ten years. Getting credit in the future can be difficult. 


Why Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney Makes Sense

Bankruptcy is complicated, so most people who file on their own fail to get their debts discharged. Creditors want their money, and they send their own lawyers to fight for payment.

If you do not have experience working with legal paperwork and judges, your bankruptcy case could fail.


Contact JPP Law for Bankruptcy Help

If you think that filing for bankruptcy can help you get your finances under control and have been looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Stroudsburg, PA, JPP Law can help!

We will help you understand your options and take care of the legal paperwork. As experienced bankruptcy attorneys, we are here for you to help you get your life back.

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