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Personal Injury & Bankruptcy Lawyer in Shavertown, PA

Building up debt often starts out small. Maybe one day, you decide you can pay off something for which you do not have the funds right now. Then, while paying that debt, you repeat the process, placing another expensive charge on your credit card. Perhaps then, the mortgage is due on your home, and the utilities follow soon after that. Multiply this by years, and you can see how the need to declare bankruptcy can arise.

JPP Law can help you when you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Shavertown, PA. Debts can crush your finances and lead to harassing calls from creditors. We can help, but first, we like to educate potential clients so they understand what declaring bankruptcy actually involves. It will help in this case to mention some of the most important points of the common types of bankruptcy for which you will likely file.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A chapter 7 bankruptcy case is relatively straightforward. Individuals must decide if it is the right option for them, however. In chapter 7 scenarios, court-authorized bankruptcy trustees liquidate, or sell, some of the debtor’s assets to free up money that is paid to creditors. Property that will likely be seized and sold includes family heirlooms, expensive collections, second homes or vehicles, and investments. Property that debtors usually keep includes necessary clothing, jewelry up to a certain monetary value, and household tools and appliances. Houses may be able to be kept if the debtor has not defaulted on mortgage payments and does not have much equity in the property.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

You can also ask your JPP bankruptcy lawyer in Shavertown, PA, if a chapter 13 bankruptcy filing might be more appropriate for you. You can file for chapter 13 bankruptcy only if your debts are not over a specified amount. In this type of bankruptcy, the court helps you to reorganize your finances so that some of your debts will be forgiven, but you will have to repay others. Usually, a chapter 13 bankruptcy case stipulates a three-to-five-year repayment plan. Debtors must keep up with these payments, or they may have to submit to a chapter 7 plan.

Let JPP Be Your Bankruptcy Lawyer in Shavertown, PA

The above lists the main types of bankruptcy for which most individuals file. Everyone filing for bankruptcy must decide which is right for them. As you can see, each type has pros and cons, though some people might be better positioned to declare one over the other.

In fact, one of the benefits of working with a bankruptcy lawyer in Shavertown, PA, is that an attorney has the experience to advise you on which type would be best for you to declare. At JPP Law, it is Jason P. Provinzano’s job to see that you come out of your bankruptcy in the strongest possible position to succeed in the future, whether that requires a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy

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