> Personal Injury & Bankruptcy Lawyer in Dallas, PA

Personal Injury & Bankruptcy Lawyer in Dallas, PA

An overwhelming struggle, debt can place a huge hurt on your individual or business finances. Whether its credit cards, medical expenses, or other costs, it can permeate and affect almost every inch of your life. Accumulating over months or even years, it can start a cycle of disappointment and frustration that appears insurmountable. Even if you feel you are only digging yourself deeper, recognizing you need help is a great first step towards overcoming your debt. Thankfully, if you are suffering from financial distress or injury, there are bankruptcy lawyers out there ready to assist you.

With an outstanding record, JPPLaw’s Attorney, Jason P. Provinzano, is here for clients throughout Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania, including Dallas, PA. No question, he knows how to help his clients regardless of the severity of their situation. Skillful and insightful, Provinzano is aware of and well-versed on all the tactics and strategies involved in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 files of bankruptcy. He has been successful in numerous cases and has won back over $2,500,000 for his clients. Thinking about contacting Provinzano? He is ready to meet any challenge to get you back to living a happier and debt-free life.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is one of the most common forms of bankruptcy endured by Americans today. Generally, it can discharge your unsecured debts, including credit cards, medical bills, and personal loans. When you file Chapter 7, the court will place a temporary hold on all your present debts, preventing your creditors from collecting their payments. This allows you to clear all your unsecured debts and give you the fresh start that you deserve. Several believe that this form of bankruptcy will take most of your property, but that isn’t always the case. To qualify for services, you must pass a test that demonstrates you have a low-income. You can take this assessment at JPPLaw.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often called liquidation, while Chapter 13 is known as a reorganization bankruptcy. For Chapter 13, it will provide you with a more affordable repayment plan with your creditors that can last for three to five years. To receive it, you must have some form of income, and it has to be sufficient enough to begin a repayment plan. Paying in increments will allow you to stop interest, late fees, penalties, and creditor harassment. Not to mention, it can prevent your home from foreclosure or having to take out a second or third mortgage. By the end, you will feel accomplished, knowing you were capable of alleviating your debt.

Quality Bankruptcy Lawyer in Dallas, PA

Overcoming debt can be one of the most stressful and lowest points in anyone’s life. Fortunately, clients can place their faith in Attorney Jason P. Provinzano. He has helped many and has ensured that they have left his services feeling satisfied. Rest assured, he will walk you through the process no matter if you are filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. With considerable knowledge and experience, Provinzano has your success in mind. Once and for all, you will never have to worry again about being plagued with debt.

If you are looking to file for bankruptcy, you are going to need a bankruptcy lawyer. Don’t hesitate to contact us at JPPLaw for a bankruptcy lawyer in Dallas, PA. We have your back, especially when it’s up against the wall.

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