> Personal Injury & Bankruptcy Lawyer in Carbondale, PA

Personal Injury & Bankruptcy Lawyer in Carbondale, PA

When in debt, there can appear to be no silver lining, even when you are trying to handle it responsibly. Unpaid credit card and medical bills can add up, and the smallest amount can get out of hand when left unchecked. Only escalating the situation, accumulating interest, and worsening credit scores contribute to your frustrations, making it increasingly difficult to reduce and overcome your debt. Finding your way back to a strong financial position can be challenging. Still, it doesn’t have to be, especially if you have a committed bankruptcy lawyer at your side.

You can receive your fresh beginning by seeking a faithful bankruptcy lawyer from JPPLaw. Head of the firm, Attorney Jason P. Provinzano, is well-versed in the procedures that outline Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Throughout Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania, including the Carbondale area, he offers his services, as clients can gain a bankruptcy consultation to provide them with guidance. Provinzano can alleviate the stress and pressures caused by your financial distress and set you down the path to becoming debt-free.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In Chapter 7, you can discharge most, if not all, of your unsecured debt. If you cannot afford a repayment plan, this will be the best way to secure swift financial relief from your creditors. Within a few months, the bankruptcy court will issue you a discharge order. Afterward, you will no longer be liable for the discharged debt, which includes personal loans, hospital expenses, and unpaid utility bills. Non-exempt assets will be liquidated, and all proceeds will go towards repaying your creditors. You will have some options on how to alleviate your debts. You will even be guarded against debt collection activity, such as phone calls, letters, and lawsuits. To file, you must prove you qualify through a JPPLaw online assessment to demonstrate you have low-income.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Depending on your situation, you may find declaring Chapter 13 bankruptcy is more appropriate if you choose to repay your debts over time. While it tends to be longer than Chapter 7, it does allow you to keep a majority of your assets, and it prevents your creditors from trying to obtain your property. It will stop any foreclosure proceedings and other debt collection practices. You will make monthly installments through a yearly plan, allowing you to organize your debt within three to five years. You can save money for yourself and not have to think about the repossession of any of your property, as this form of bankruptcy will request forgiveness of your other debts. When qualifying for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must have a level of income to launch a repayment method, which can be done through JPPLaw.

Top-Quality Bankruptcy Lawyer in Carbondale, PA

The decision to file for bankruptcy is complicated enough in itself. However, you won’t have to worry with Jason P. Provinzano, who has over a decade of experience. He recognizes the hardships that lead to debt and how impossible it can be to meet the demands made by creditors and debt collectors. No matter the severity of your financial situation, he’ll guide through the process of filing for bankruptcy. Provinzano is knowledgeable about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and he’ll ensure the protection of your assets from creditors. Finally, you will catch a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Are you prepared to become debt-free? Seek out Jason P. Provinzano for a bankruptcy lawyer in Carbondale, PA, and set-up your appointment today. He understands that filing for bankruptcy is no easy task and will always have what’s best for his clients in mind.

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