> Personal Injury & Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tunkhannock, PA

Personal Injury & Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tunkhannock, PA

For those struggling with debt, just the word itself is enough to intimidate. At JPP Law, we know that bankruptcy is a form of protection, not punishment. It is a highly structured, organized, legal way out of your financial difficulties. A bankruptcy lawyer from JPP Law can help you navigate the process and finally regain your financial freedom.

If you need a bankruptcy lawyer in Tunkhannock, PA, rest assured that JPP Law has the experience and knowledge necessary to make sure your financial situation is settled in a way that benefits you. We can help determine if you are eligible to file for bankruptcy, educate you about what bankruptcy fully entails, and identify the kind of bankruptcy for which you can apply.
Despite the stigma attached to it, bankruptcy is not a bad thing. It can help you create a repayment plan or even entirely discard some of your debts. Knowing the ins and outs of bankruptcy law is vital to ensuring you get all the advantages and protections you need.

What a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Do For You

Although bankruptcy exists to help the people who need it most, the process can be complicated to go through without some help. Here are some of the things a bankruptcy lawyer in Tunkhannock, PA, can do for you.


A Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help You Explore Options

Being in over your head in debt doesn’t mean bankruptcy is your only option. Sometimes you need someone who can point out other alternatives. For example, there are several debt consolidation and settlement options that may be preferable to declaring bankruptcy.

For times when bankruptcy is the best solution, there’s still the manner of determining what kind of bankruptcy is right for you. For individuals, Chapter 7 bankruptcy (which liquidates assets to repay creditors) and Chapter 13 bankruptcy (which readjusts debt repayment plans) are most common. For businesses, Chapter 11 bankruptcy can allow for corporate reorganization, while Chapter 12 bankruptcy helps protect farmers and fishermen. A good attorney knows which kind of bankruptcy is best for you.


A Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Oversee Your Legal Paperwork

Knowing your options is just the first step on your path to filing for bankruptcy. After that, there’s still a lot of legal paperwork to complete. Among other things, you’ll need to provide information about your income, expenses, assets, and debts. That’s where a bankruptcy lawyer in Tunkhannock, PA, can help.

All you have to do is give your attorney your financial information and wait for it to be completed. Not only will bankruptcy lawyers have significant experience with this kind of legal paperwork, but they will also have specialized software to help speed the process. The result is less confusion and frustration for you. You will also benefit from faster filing, which can significantly reduce the wait time for approval. When you’re drowning in debt, the faster you can get back on dry land, the better.


A Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Represent You during Hearings

No one likes going to court, least of all bankruptcy court. While it’s required for individuals filing for bankruptcy to attend a legal hearing, it helps not having to do it alone. In court, you need someone who isn’t easily intimidated, has been there before, and knows what to say. You need someone who will not only speak for you but fight for you.

When looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Tunkhannock, PA, you want someone who feels a sense of responsibility toward clients. Bankruptcy lawyers can be your voice when you feel voiceless. Going through a structured legal process such as bankruptcy helps to have a dedicated and knowledgeable ally representing your best interests. Additionally, for further hearings where your presence is not required, an attorney can be there for you, ensuring you’re being taken care of even when you are not physically present.

Hire a Dependable Bankruptcy Lawyer in Tunkhannock, PA

From knowing your options to filing your paperwork to representing you in bankruptcy court, the advantages of having a good attorney at your side are considerable. If you need a bankruptcy lawyer in Tunkhannock, PA, JPP Law can help you. All it takes is a simple phone call to get your free consultation with a reliable and experienced professional.

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