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Are you overwhelmed and struggling to overcome your debt? If so, lets fix it now. With the help of Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer Jason P. Provinzano, you can hit the reset button and receive the fresh start that you deserve. As the premier bankruptcy law firm in NEPA, we have helped hundreds of people seek relief from their debt. Now, let us help you too.

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Understanding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a quick and easy process that allows a person to discharge most, if not all, of his or her unsecured debt. There is a lot of false information out there about bankruptcy. Please know that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not scary; it is not adversarial – meaning there is no fight; it does not result in your name being published in the newspaper, and it does not destroy your credit.
Please contact JPPLAW to learn the truth about Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Examples of unsecured debt that we can wipe out include, but are not limited to:

What are the Benefits of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

What are the Benefits of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
From start to finish, the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process generally is completed in few short months. During this time, non-exempt assets will be liquidated and the proceeds from the liquidation will be used to repay your creditors. However, it is extremely important to know that almost all Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases are “no asset” cases, which means that we list your assets; we exempt your assets, and you keep your assets. Nothing is liquidated and your unsecured debt is wiped out! You will then have the chance to move forward with a clean slate.

Other Benefits Of Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Include:

How to Determine if you Qualify for Chapter 7

A majority of cases are Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases; however, we must determine if you qualify. To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we must first look at the “means test.” The means test examines the person’s disposable income and measures his or her income against the median household income in the area we are in. Contact us today to find out if your qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy within ten minutes!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeline

Start to Finish 36 or 60 Months

Step 1

Contact JPPLAW; speak with Attorney Jason P. Provinzano, and establish a game plan

Step 2

Complete an at-home credit counseling course, which takes about an hour (online or over-the-phone)

Step 3

Your case is filed and the automatic stay goes into effect – no more creditor harassment

Step 4

Complete an at-home debtor education course, which takes about two hours (online or over-the-phone)

Step 5

30 - 40 days after your case is filed, we attend a Bankruptcy 341(a) Meeting which is held over-the phone. (Never go to Court)

Step 6

Debt will typically be discharged within about three months after the bankruptcy 341(a) meeting (You are good to go!)

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