It’s a scary situation, and it truly can happen to anyone: after years of building up debt and sincerely trying to pay it off, you realize the task is too much to handle. If you finally admit that it will never be possible to eliminate your debts based on your income, it may be time to seek another solution, that of a bankruptcy lawyer.

While you are not required to have a lawyer to file for bankruptcy, it is generally advisable that you hire one. That’s because a professional is going to know the workings of the court, how to get the best kind of deal for you, and what kind of advice to give you along the way. Yes, you can save some money by going it alone, but then you have no way of knowing if you are doing things correctly.

Everybody knows that lawyers aren’t cheap, so when you hire one, you expect several concrete benefits in return. That is why, in this post, we are going to detail what you should expect when you work with a bankruptcy attorney, while simultaneously explaining all the advantages of working with JPP Law’s bankruptcy lawyers in PA instead of handling it yourself.

1. Expect an Informative Consultation

Bankruptcy lawyers–particularly those certified in practicing bankruptcy by the American Board of Certification–understand all the ins and outs of bankruptcy. Those details include knowing whether you would actually benefit from filing, whether chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy would be best for your specific situation, what you would have to sell or get to keep during the process, and what kind of outcome you can reasonably expect at the end of the process.

To expand upon this point–that is, the importance of first consulting with a bankruptcy lawyer–we reached out to David Reischer, Esq., bankruptcy attorney and CEO of He responded: “A bankruptcy lawyer should set expectations for a client right from the first meeting. The initial consultation is a first meeting, typically lasting about 45 minutes, in which the bankruptcy attorney gets a feel for the financial issues that the person is confronting and how best to address them.

“A good bankruptcy attorney will not try to ‘direct’ a person in the direction of bankruptcy, and the consultation may even end with the attorney recommending that the person hold off filing or even forego the bankruptcy process altogether. A proper consultation will focus on any assets the person has and how best to protect them as well as a detailed discussion of discharging any debts

“Our office likes to provide a questionnaire and list of required paperwork prior to the consultation for the applicant to fill in. This allows us to review the scenario before even meeting with the client for the first time.”

David’s quote deftly explains the value of the consult: for lawyers and clients to comprehend the circumstances, determine the best course of action, and execute it flawlessly.

2. Expect to Be Relieved of Stress

A bankruptcy lawyer’s primary job is to produce favorable financial results for you while seeing your case through to the end. However, for the lawyer, one aspect of managing your claim includes taking a lot of the stressful elements off your back.

Chad Hill, CMO of the national disability-focused law firm Hill & Ponton, confirmed the importance of bankruptcy lawyers calming their clients by handling a lot of the administrative work themselves. “Bankruptcy, as inevitable as it is in a culture that spends a lot, and right away, is always stressful, more so to the client applying for it. While it wouldn’t take the stress away, a bankruptcy lawyer is there to ease the process and smooth out the journey for you…They will also take charge of gathering the paperwork necessary during this process. This is a trying part of your life, but be comforted in knowing your lawyer can handle most of the nitty-gritty for you.”

Chad’s perspective hits the point well. Bankruptcy is stressful any way you look at it, but the process is considerably easier for the client if the lawyer handles much of the paperwork filing and all of the client’s questions.

3. Expect to Be Represented at Hearings

Filing for bankruptcy usually involves participating in a hearing where creditors and others will be present, and some bankruptcy claims might require more hearings of the debtor.

For clients who have no experience in legal matters or appearing in any kind of court, doing this can induce high levels of anxiety. The individuals filing for bankruptcy must appear professional and be able to address questions. Granted, bankruptcy lawyers typically speak for their clients at these hearings, but the clients still ought to try to make as good an impression as possible. It always helps to have a knowledgeable and friendly lawyer in your corner.

We got some more insight on this from Andrew Taylor, founder, director, and chief executive of Net Lawman. “We handle the daunting amount of paperwork that is involved when filing for bankruptcy. We represent you throughout the hearings, if any are necessary. All of this support enables you to focus on what is important and to relieve you of the burdensome stress that comes from this part of a potentially very large and stressful situation that you are currently going through.”

Hire Expert Bankruptcy Lawyers in PA

At JPP Law, we tell clients all the time that bankruptcy is a new beginning rather than an ending or a failure. People who choose to file for bankruptcy after years of struggling financially are being responsible by seeking a legal way out of their problems. We work to make the transition advantageous to you so your credit can begin recovering, and you can move on.

Contact JPP Law when you need professional and experienced bankruptcy lawyers in PA. We will get you back on track as fast as we can so you can return to the things you love.